• Facelift for Chandler Hawkins

    Directors at a leading independent firm of chartered surveyors are taking their own advice.

    And they are advising other businesses to follow their lead.

    For the headquarters of Portsmouth-based Chandler Hawkins has undergone a refurbishment.

    The long-established company’s Landport Terrace building was showing signs of wear and tear.

    Director Neil Hawkins said: “We took our own advice, surveyed the exterior of the building and decided some remedial work was necessary.

    “The name of Chandler Hawkins is well known for surveying and valuing – and it wouldn’t look good if our building was not up to scratch.”

    Scaffolding has been up around the firm’s Victorian building, one of the oldest in the terrace and believed to have been constructed during the mid to late Victorian era.

    The work was carried out by Portsmouth building firm H Monfared Ltd, who repaired the property’s windows, chimney, roof and rendering.

    Neil added: “We look at it every four to five years because the weather takes its toll. I would certainly advise all businesses in older buildings to do exactly the same.

    “This is not just for aesthetic reasons but also to prevent a costly lawsuit if something terrible happened because a crumbling building was not fit for purpose.”

    Neil and co-Director Peter Chandler established their business in 1993.

    The pair have 75 years’ experience between them in surveying and valuing land and property in South Hampshire and are able to draw on a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

    Clients include the major lenders, insurance companies, housing associations, solicitors, accountants and local businesses.

    Neil and Peter, who are both RICS registered valuers, are supported by an experienced team. Neil is also the honorary secretary of Portsmouth Property Association (PPA).